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Hey there, I'm Mel

I'm a freelance designer and developer with a background in photography.

I have a diverse background spanning digital, print, broadcast, retail, out-of-home and editorial for an even more diverse array of clients. I started front-end development 21 years ago and expanded my skills into backend programming and designing 12 years ago.

Throughout my career, I've been mainly focused on design but have always tried to keep up with the programming side in my spare time, further extending my programming knowledge into Jquery, CakePHP, Wordpress, Drupal and more recently Sass/LESS and HTML5 frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap.

Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere, Quark Xpress, Lightroom.

Web: HTML, CSS/LESS/Sass, Javascript/Jquery, PHP/MySQL, CakePHP, GIT, Wordpress, Drupal, XML, AS2, ColdFusion.

Work Experience

  • May 2014
    May 2014 to Present
    Freelance Art Director / Developer
  • July 2011
    May 2014
    July 2011 to May 2014
    Art Director

    Assisted with the production of TV spots. Responsibilities included selecting cast, directors, wardrobe, editing/sound/vo/music/colour/CG studios and art directing the shoot.

    Responsible for concept, design and execution of print campaigns (newspaper, magazine, retail, OOH and various other implementations), including hiring photographers and organizing photo shoots.

  • April 2009
    July 2011
    April 2009 to July 2011
    Art Director
    Transcontinental Media

    Designed both print and online advertising campaigns for a variety of clients, including 3M, P&G, Hanes and Iams.

    Developed Flash ad units and games.

    Responsible for hiring photographers and stylists. Directed and assisted with photo shoots.

  • Sept 2007
    Feb 2009
    Sept 2007 to Feb 2009
    Web Designer
    58Ninety Inc.

    Worked on various web / email campaigns for Coors Light including the Coors Light Maxim Golf Experience and Coors Light Trauma Series.

    Assisted with the global build of the Dove Self Esteem Fund microsites for 17 countries.

    Worked on websites and campaigns for CTV Television & Radio (including BNN & CHUM FM), Expedia,, Mattel, Molson and Workopolis.

  • Oct 2006
    July 2007
    Oct 2006 to July 2007
    Online Graphic Designer
    Transcontinental Media

    Designed and programmed microsites and ad units for advertisers.

    Designed graphics for the Canadian Living, Elle Canada, Style at Home and Homemaker’s websites.



Michael Convery
Former Creative Director, 58Ninety
Smart, diligent, imaginative, funny, energetic and detail-oriented - just a few of the reasons I was fortunate to have Melissa on my design team. Melissa has an excellent design sense and was not only skilled at thinking outside the box; she could quickly and intelligently come up with a variety of smart design solutions within a brand's graphic standards. Melissa would be an invaluable member of any team for her outstanding design talent, team focus and sense of humour. See More
David Mayerlen
Former Partner & Chief Information Officer, 58Ninety
Melissa was a surprise arrival at 58Ninety. She was brought in as a contractor to assist with a massive production job. It didn't take too long before people were extremely impressed with her creativity, skills, attitude and work ethic so we brought her on board. Melissa would be a tremendous asset to any organization. See More
Dominik Majka
VP Head of Programmatic and Operations at ZenithOptimedia Group
Melissa is an asset to any online organization. She is very creative and understands that developments have to be delivered on time. Her designs were of the highest quality and were always according to specifications requested by the client. She is a true team player, stepping up to responsibilities that are above and beyond her job requirements. See More
Meera Shah
Account Director, Spotify
Melissa has been an absolute delight to work with. Her creativity and ability to generate ideas is remarkable. Not only are her ideas unique and memorable, she also has the ability to develop and create executions to match. Additionally, Melissa can be relied upon to turn around great work quickly. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Melissa again in the future. See More
Steve Layton
Chief Technology Officer, BlackOps Communications
I had the pleasure of working with Melissa through a number of projects. Melissa brings a wide skill set of creative design services to the table with the added bonus of a fun and upbeat attitude that makes her a welcome addition to any studio team. This is especially true when projects are due, the chips are down and a little levity is needed to get through the day. If given the opportunity I would gladly work with Melissa again and highly recommend her to anyone looking for creative services See More


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Coors Light
St. Ives
RBC Royal Bank
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